Hey there! I'm Francesco Pelosin. I recently got a Ph.D. (july 2022) from Ca' Foscari University of Venice on Computer Vision / Continual Learning. I consider myself a script k1ddie. If you want to drop an e-mail here is my address: pelosinf[at]gmail

My path of studies πŸŽ“

2015 B.Sc. in Informatics - Ca' Foscari University
2018 M.Sc. in Computer Science - Data Management and Analytics - Ca' Foscari University
2022 Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence (Prof. Andrea Torsello)- Ca' Foscari University
Visiting Researcher, LAMP group (PI Joost Van De Weijer) - Computer Vision Center (CVC), 9 months

My research interests πŸ”¬

★Continual Learning
★Computer Vision
★Random Neural Networks

My skills πŸ› 

Python β–°β–°β–°β–°β–°β–±
Pytorch / opencv / sklearn β–°β–°β–°β–°β–°β–±
matplotlib / streamlit / pandas β–°β–°β–°β–°β–°β–±
git / docker / bash β–°β–°β–°β–°β–±β–±
C++ / C / Java / x86 β–°β–°β–°β–±β–±β–±


Visual introduction to Visual Transformers A simple introduction by examples to ViTs
Introduzione Unsupervised Learning IPython Notebook with exercices (in Italian)
Geospatial data wrangling IPython Notebook with exercices (in Italian)
Tutorato di architettura degli elaboratori YouTube Video Lectures (in Italian)


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